Our KidzCanShow program cultivates your child’s determination and creativity through performing arts. This program is suited for children aged 5 to 6 years old. Our classes allow creative participation of each child, training them in emotional development, to unleash their potential, charisma and talent.

This will enable your child to discover their abilities as a confident individual, helping them express themselves the best way they can. Our program methodology is designed based on experiential learning, in which we teach little ones to be able to anchor their emotions towards important lifetime values to create effective learning.

Why should your child participate?

Here is what our KidzCanShow program aims to achieve:

To cultivate determination and creativity through learning magic
To learn the art of performing through practice session
To unleash the potential, charisma and talent of the children
To get connected with people through effective communication
To have tremendous fun while learning
To be bold and confident while expressing themselves

class size

We aim to have no more than 12 children in each class so that every child receives individual attention.

5-6 years old
Duration: 60 minutes
12 students maximum

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