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Cultivate Your Child’s Cognitive, Social, Physical & Emotional Learning

Mini & Moments is an early childhood enrichment centre based in Desa ParkCity Kuala Lumpur.

Run by passionate teachers, our centre offers a local as well as an all-Australian music education program for babies and pre-schoolers, aged 6 months to 6 years old.

Through music and play, we strive to cultivate your child’s social, cognitive, physical and emotional learning. This is a place where your little ones get to develop emotionally and spend some of their best first years.

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Early childhood education focused on experiential learning



Parents are welcomed to participate in classes for selected age groups



Intimate class setting where each child receives as much attention as possible



Programs are of international standard

“Children Must Be Taught How to Think, Not What to Think”

– Margaret Mead

music and play

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our programs

Our programs are catered to nurture children’s confidence and their love for life-long learning. We offer a music program call Mini Maestros – Australia’s leading music education program, and a showmanship and drama program. Other than learning musical skills, our offerings aim to develop your child as a whole and, therefore actively encourages and fosters:

Language and literacy skills
Auditory and visual processing
Social skills
Gross and fine motor skills
Inclusion and teamwork
Verbal and non-verbal communication
Spatial awareness
Cultural awareness


This all-Australian music program is fit for babies and pre-schoolers aged 6 months to 6 years old. Mini Maestros combines music and joyful discovery to encourage confident and happy learners. Singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments and musical games stimulate the children’s creativity and imagination.


ArtMoments is a uniquely designed program for children aged 2 to 9 years old. This program develops creativity in young minds in a friendly environment, by using art to encourage learning. Creativity is crucial for children especially in their formative years, and this program helps strengthen problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.


This program is suited for children aged 5 to 6 years old. KidzCanShow cultivates your child’s determination and creativity through performing arts. It allows creative participation of each child, training them in emotional development, to unleash their potential, charisma and talent.

Vocal Program
Vocal Program

Mini & Moments’ vocal program nurtures the artistry of young singers by developing singing and breathing techniques, musicianship, pitch and performance skills.

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Nurture confident learners

Our music classes enhance children’s development while they are having fun. Singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments and musical games stimulate the children’s creativity and imagination.


  • "Apart from the Mini Maestro music programme itself, I can feel that is the teacher here who plant the seed of musical interest in kids and make my little princess likes to listen to the music. Our little one does know how to sing the songs out of our surprise now after a few classes. Music is one of the most important elements in kids growth and Mini Maestro Music Programme does know the way to do this.

    —Ivy, mother of Mia (Mini Maestro 2-3 years old class)-"

  • "My two years old son has joined for a term, I can see that he is more adaptive with new environment and strangers. In school now, he is a music-driven boy and easily blends into the group when the teacher plays music. He will follow along with the movement. Not forgetting to tell, they have a team of passionate and fun teachers. My son will happily say "Music class, Yay!" when he sees our car is turning into Plaza Arkadia"

    -Siok Pei, mother of Owen (Mini Maestros 2-3 years old class)-

  • "Today is the third time Olivia came to Mini & Moments class. I remembered that I asked the teacher is there any way for my daughter to learn to speak more, in addition, to say "bye bye". The teacher said that there is a child that does not like to talk when she first came to Mini & Moments music class for toddlers. After a few lessons, she started to talk. As for Olivia, after attended 2nd class, she finally began to speak "Mom, Dad, apple, and duck" (the vocabulary that the teacher used in the music class activities through singing). What a good way to trigger children to speak and sing. Here at Mini & Moments can also develop children's interest in music and learn the beat, rhythm and so on!"

    -Shino, mother of Olivia (Mini Maestros 2-3 years old class)-

  • "Ever since my firstborn attended Mini & Moments music class for toddlers (Mini Maestros), her motor skill and speeches have improved and shown positive response as compared to before attending the school. Apart from that, my second born has been enjoying himself every time his sister attends the class and he will wait & play outside of the classroom as Mini & Moments provides such a cozy and fun place for the kids. The teachers are also gentle, caring and friendly."

    -Dayang, mother of Maryam (Mini Maestros 2-3 years old class)-

  • "Signed my girl up for the Mini Maestros music program, and I’m glad to say that she enjoyed herself thoroughly! Both teachers, Ms Wong and Ms Carmen are such engaging and dedicated teachers. Every session is truly filled with great fun and joy. After doing 10 lessons, I can see how the program has helped my girl develop more interest in music as well as boosting her confidence overall"

    -Melisa, mother of Faith (Mini Maestros 2-3 years old class)-

  • "Belle is scared to interact with strangers when she started to recognize people. I'm tired whenever I brought her out for a meal. She is shy and wants to be carried by me only. However, she is not shy anymore after she joins Mini & Moments music class and socializes with strangers at ease. Initially, I thought she doesn't understand the instructions from teachers. Surprisingly, she can repeat the instructions just after the 2nd class and repeat the actions when playing with us. She enjoys a lot in the class. The teachers are so patient and cheerful all the time"

    -Khim, mother of Belle (Mini Maestros 1-2 years old class)-

  • "Thank you so much for the wonderful lessons. She is definitely more confident in drawing and painting now."

     -Wendy, mother of Alyssa (Online Art Program)-

  • "My daughter loves to go to art and music classes. The programs are so creative and fun for children. The teachers here are so caring and helpful. Special thanks to Teacher Kim and Teacher Carmen.Highly recommended!"

     -Jacqueline, mother of Jill (Music & Art Programs)-

  • "This place is awesome! Great teachers who are full of enthusiasm and positivity. They guide and teach children very well. The Mini Maestros is such a good program where children can be children while learning all aspects of music through having fun, moving around, learning to coordinate their body to the rhythm and beats! I am so grateful for them as I really believe that my child is not only learning new skills through music and art, she's really learning about life lessons here! Highly recommended "

     -Chor Yee, mother of Li Ya (Mini Maestros Program)-

  • "When we first started, my girl would say “Mommy helps me. Mommy paints”. After some time attending the art classes, she would say...“ I want to paint. I can do it”. All these little improvements really bring joy to me!

     -Defne, mother of Jean (ArtMoments Program)-

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