ArtMoments is a program uniquely designed for children aged 2 to 9 years old. The goal of this program is to inspire young minds to be creative in a friendly environment, and encourage learning through art.

Creativity is crucial for children especially in their formative years. It can help shape and build their problem-solving skills, confidence, innovation, willingness to explore unfamiliar fields and subjects, and shape their perspective. In and through ArtMoments, we want to prepare children to take on the world with passion and creativity!



Foster Creativity

Decision Making

Language Development

Motor Skills Development

Concentration and Focus

Sensory Exploration

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Mini Explorers

This is known to be our best-selling ArtMoments age group! For Mini Explorers, we focus on sensory art painting. This program is filled with sensory activities using paint and textures; toddlers will have a chance to get messy in a great way! The program engages all of their senses – smelling, touching, hearing, seeing and even a little bit of tasting as we use edible paint. Besides learning about colours and mixing colours, this class is perfect to improve imagination and creativity in young minds. We conduct out of the box art activities such as painting using a balloon, fork, using our hands, fingers and more. Toddlers will be able to not only develop fine motor skills through these classes, but their finger and hand muscles will be strengthened as well.

Class Type
2 – 4 years old
Duration: 45 minutes
8 students maximum

Mini Artist

For this age group, children will learn a combination of math, science, language, art techniques and social studies. ArtMoments Mini Artist covers the following areas of learning.

Class Size
3.5 – 9 years old
Duration: 1.5 hours
8 students maximum

Art and Craft

These classes enhance co-ordination skills in children, in addition to helping them improve their fine motor skills. Also, these sessions pushes them to express and channel their creative thoughts and ideas, at the same time promote executive functioning.

Clay Art

These classes actively and physically engage children in a way that develops great hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Clay art class is an avenue for self-expression, as well as to level up a child’s visual and interpretation skills in connection with their mind.

Acrylic Painting

In and through ArtMoments, we help children grow in confidence as we give them the complete freedom to express their ideas through their artwork. Kids will learn the colour theory, to differentiate primary colours, an array of colour combination, patterns and design, last but not least develop hand-eye coordination. There is no doubt that these classes promote creative imagination.

Crayon Drawing

Our crayon drawing classes are far from boring. They aid in fine motor skills including any specialised movement of the hands, wrists and fingers. Besides that, young ones learn to establish concentration and encourage visual analysis. With that, classes boost individual confidence and enhance sensory skills.

Festive Workshops

Occasionally, we run festive workshops whenever approaching a celebration, public holiday or a festivity. This includes Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, Mid-Autumn Festival, Halloween and more! The purpose of conducting these workshops is to expose children to different celebrations, and of course provide them a chance to have fun. Stay tuned and updated on these workshops by following our Facebook page.

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