Our Story

Mini & Moments is an early childhood enrichment centre based in Desa ParkCity Kuala Lumpur.

Recently established in 2017, Jessie Leong is the dynamic founder of this wonderful academy.
Our centre offers a local as well as an all-Australian music education program for babies and pre-schoolers,
aged 6 months to 6 years old.

Through music and play, we strive to cultivate your child’s cognitive learning and more.

Mini & Moments provides a stimulating environment for children to develop as a whole in the areas of social,
cognitive, physical and emotional learning, preparing them for life. This is a place where your little ones get to
develop emotionally and spend some of their best imprint years.

At Mini & Moments your child will grow in a fun-filled environment, experience learning with remarkable and cherished moments, last but not least cultivate a love for life-long learning. We use music, movement, story telling and games to teach them the skills they need to get through life. Our programs teach children how to think and not what to think.

  Our Vision

Set out to touch as many young lives as possible with memorable experiences and help them ignite a love for life-long learning.

  Our Mission

To provide a nurturing environment for children to create self-reliant, confident and well-rounded learners through our high quality programs, delivered by a team of passionate teachers.

We believe that the age of 0-7 are the imprint years of a child and it is an important window period of development. The most crucial being from age 2-4 when major imprints occur, during this time children absorb information without any analysis. What and how we teach little ones during this time can really build their character, beliefs and values. This is a place where your little ones get to spend some of their best first years.

Therefore, without letting this window of opportunity go, Mini & Moments sets out to use powerful tools like music, games, stories and other activities to touch as many children’s lives as possible. We have big dreams and are working to include more variety of programs as well as expanding Mini & Moments nationwide and internationally.

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